You can leave a private note directly in an SMS conversation for yourself and other internal team members to see. This private note will be sent to your customers. This private note within a text messaging conversation that is only visible to you and your teammates.

Leave a Private Note or a Message Conversation:

A private note allows for members to communicate privately in the context of a conversation. While the messages are shown in the channel, they are not sent by SMS to the contact. They remain a little note in the midst of the text conversation to help you make a note about the proceedings for yourself and other members. It can be useful to ask a question to another member and get a reply without leaving the page. For solo plans, you can record actions taken or conclusions after a conversation is finished.

A few notes on private notes:

Private notes are available for all types of messages you want to send.

The username, profile picture and a time stamp will be displayed with the private note message to show which user added the private note.

Use the @ symbol to mention a member in a private note. The active members’ names will show above the text box, you can select a user from the list.

Text, emoji’s, and images can be added as a private note

Private notes do not count towards your total monthly SMS/MMS allowance.